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Do you enjoy hitting the road without overplanning or do you need a detailed and organized trip?

My wife and I discovered early on that we anticipated vacations in very different ways. My parents took us on vacation every summer. Sometimes we visited family that were scattered around the Country but we also planned excursions to great sites. I’m sure there was a plan but I didn’t know it. It was one big adventure.
For Kitty, vacations were almost always about visiting family in West Virginia or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She recounts loving those family visits but also wanting to stop at roadside attractions which her dad quickly refused, always in a hurry to “get there.” So when we decided to take our first trip together as husband and wife, I was happy to jump in the car and see where the road might take us. My sweet wife, on the other hand, wanted to get the most out of the trip so she wanted to plan everything out.
Too much planning stole the joy of spontaneity. Under planning made Kitty frustrated. It took a couple of trips for us to come up with a workable situation. We agreed that I would usually drive while she handled the map and guide books. She got to plan and I got to pull off an exit with no explanation. We made our own adventures.
The four weeks of Advent start tomorrow, December 2 – 24. What is Advent? Why does it matter? What are we supposed to do? Advent is an adventure and those two words are closely linked. The first is about anticipating a person and the latter is about anticipating an event. From now unto Christmas I plan to share my daily adventures here at The Crossing Places.

So, hop in the car. I’ll drive, you figure out your part, the map is already prepared and we can enjoy the sites together until we come to the manger and worship the King.

Each day I’ll post true stories of real people and the funny, revealing experiences of humans on an adventure.

Listen to my good friend and guitarist, Doyle Dykes, play Christmas music

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