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 © 2018-19 Shelton Covenant Ministries

Words & Music by Ken Shelton © 2000-2018 BrookStar Music



2 thoughts on “Music Videos

  1. Ken, love it, love it! My new favorite Ken Shelton original “ Going To See The King”. I love non-fiction, truth is always best, love Old Testament characters and stories, love the analogy of the Kings taking time for the Kng and people of today finding no time, gifts to bring – broken, fragmented gifts, actually regifting to the King. That is my new favorite. Must admit, I’m having trouble with the melody, not as quick as Iusevto be. Mom Vance


    1. Thank you, Dear Jeanette. I’m so glad you like it. Acoustic, singer-songwriter style music is intended to pull the listener into the song instead of merely entertaining. The result is that one wants to listen again and again until the melody seeps in. Love you. Thank you for the Christmas gift 🙂


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