“Create with empathy and you will never lack for love.”

“Writer’s block is merely an unconscious attempt to remain hidden.”

“The approval you desire from others you must give to yourself first.”

“The best thing that a dad can do for his family is to be fully human and honest.”

“In order to be spiritual, a person must be as human as possible.”

“Don’t be afraid to try something new. Just realize that it will not change who you are. You can only embrace positive change from a position of strength – when you are comfortable in your own skin.”

“Make peace with your personality – it’s going to be with you for a long time.”

“Sometimes the best prophecy is a just ‘good word’ and a prophet is one who gives it.”

“Words and phrases are the brick and mortar of our relationships.”

“Even the absence of words can echo off the walls of our mind and drive home meaningful messages.”

“We fling our special language around like a screen door, carelessly released on the one closely following.”

“Throughout life we have learned to feel left out – it’s just our way. Since childhood we have memorized the sense of not having access to some things: leaders, resources, or even someone’s heart.”

“If we listen, we will hear God’s walking voice, just like Adam experienced in the ‘cool of the day.'”

“Jesus has declared to me everything about the Father that I need to see.”

“The greatest part of planting isn’t in the farmer’s hand, nor in the rain that falls upon the parched and barren land – but that our God works with us in everything we do for the Father receives glory when his children bring forth fruit.”

“To succeed in life: have options, know them, and use them wisely.”

“The naked branches of trees in winter remind us that it’s ok to be seen for who you really are.”

All content is by Ken Shelton copyright 2018