My name is Ken Shelton. I am married with three adult daughters and nine grandchildren. I grew up on a Michigan apple orchard; my lens for life. Over the years, I’ve been a traveller, a pastor, a machinist, professional musician37734988_1214056202070436_1352636397244121088_n, an educator, an entrepreneur, and a guidance counselor (some of them at the same time:). If geography defines us then I am the Great Lakes, Appalachia, and Ireland. Although I am fairly well-traveled, I live in or visit these three areas more than any other. The culture of these three places hold me like a three-strand braid.  

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About The Crossing Places

I wanted to create a meeting place where we could discuss faith and art. I couldn’t just limit it to that, though. So you will find all sorts of posts here. 

I love to worship but I believe it to be more than the “focused worship” that we do at church on Sunday or in your personal devotions. In fact, for believers it involves all aspects of life. We can see Jesus in the faces of people, the sounds of cities, the music we hear, the color, texture, and shape of all forms of art. Loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength means that we get to use all of our senses and faculties to enjoy life and worship God. I call this, “lifestyle worship.” All that to say I believe a big part worship by living and doing what we are meant to do. I also realize that the broader artistic community is disparate – essentially, no two are alike. For that reason, I believe it is important to enjoy art as life and life as worship. Divine encounters are God’s to arrange not our’s to fabricate.