“Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water”

The Christmas story is that God crossed over to us so that we can cross over to Him. He accomplished that through a baby in a manger which has been the subject of more painting, books and songs than you could possibly imagine. in other words, the nativity is God's art; a thing of wonder and beauty. It invites us to cross over the troubled waters of life into a life of simple majesty.

The Backseat Biter & The Christmas Calamity

Truth be told, those are the things we remember most. Not the perfect song or the well-rehearsed line. No, we remember the little boy playing the part of a shepherd. When he forgot part of his line he shouted, "Shoot! I didn't want to say the stupid part anyway!" In fact, I don't think I'd want to watch a perfect kids church program. I'll take the memories instead.