On our first trip to Ireland we stumbled upon a place called Annestown House. It’s a B&B that sits on a cliff above the Celtic Sea.

Once we were settled, Kitty and I took a walk through the tall, spongy grass, heather, and ragwort.

Eventually, we happened upon this very old gate. It was deeply embedded into the hillside but it pointed the way down the cliff to the sea. I fell in love with it and, still today, I have several different pictures of the ancient gate and its finials.

I’ve often thought of that day’s adventure as a metaphor for my life. More times than I can recall, I’ve ventured into unfamiliar territory only to wonder if I had made the right decision. Almost always, an ancient gateway appeared. Placed there long before my arrival, it opened to a new and better way.

In those times, I realized that God anticipated my being there. He has placed signposts, gateways and finials in our path to remind us that we are not alone and we are not lost.


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