There’s a certain breed of people who simply do whatever is necessary in tough times. They don’t grumble or throw a pity party. For them, hard times might be unpleasant but they are certain that things will turn around – and they want to be a part of the solution.

Sone may see them as purely optimistic but I think it’s something more. In addition to a positive outlook, these undaunted warriors have a strong will and presence of mind. They may feel fear, but they see it as something to be taken in hand and not as something to back away from.

They are not braggards, not reckless, certainly not self-centered people. Instead, they face all things with a happy matter-of-fact attitude. They also possess the ability to recognize injustice and then stand in the gap for the underdog.

These heroes are usually unnoticed until hard times happen. Then, with unusual bravery, they methodically use the resources that they conserved in the good times – when others thought they were stingy, cheap, old fashioned.

Not so. They were open-eyed, cautiously optimistic, self-restrained, hopeful, confident, purposeful, and filled with integrity. Promotion, for them, may or may not come; doesn’t matter – never did.

These indefatigable men and women just sit in the corner or in their favorite chair sipping their coffee or beer until hard times come. Then, without fancy or flourish, they rise from their perch to take their place and stand against the odds.

If this does not describe you there is little that you can do about it except to become their friend. You either have this distinctive personality or you don’t; it cannot be manufactured.

Without them justice will suffer and the wicked will rule. But when they stand in their place, speak their piece, or write with their mighty sword, an unstable world leans, once again, on its axis and order us restored.

So, when times are good, find a hero. Then when times are bad you’ll feel like one.


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